LIST of WORKS for SOLO VOICE/w.Piano /w.Ens.

Scores (in alphabetical order) published by 
S&B =  Stainer & Bell, London 
TC = Tŷ Cerdd, 'Discover Welsh Music' (hard copies and digital)         
Andr.  = Andresier Editions, 1994.
comp. = to obtain a copy of this score, please contact the composer at

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[Pieces marked with an asterisk are to be found on CDs listed in the discography.]


Alarch, Yr (The Swan) (2009) [Anon.,14th cent.] solo bar (S&B, 2009), or solo sop (S&B, 2016
Before Dawn (1988) [May Sarton] med voice, pno (S&B,1997)
Cerddi Hynafol (Ancient Songs) [Anon.] 3 songs: m-sop, pno (S&B, 2001)
        1. Hwiangerdd Dinogat 
        2. Galarnad Heledd  
        3. Crys y Mab 
Cool Heart, The (1992) [E. Bishop]  song cycle: med vce, pno (comp)
        1. Thunder 
        2. I  am in need of music  
        3. To a Tree  
        4. The Moon in my Sky
Flowing Sand, The [Samuel Beckett] song cycle: bar, pno (S&B, 2006)
        1. what would I do  
        2. my way is in the sand  
        3. Da Tagte Es 
        4. Roundelay  
        5. saying again
Gaze, The (2013) [Shakespeare] sop, pno (TC, 2016)
Hare in the Moon, The (1978, rev.79) [Ryokan] sop, pno (S&B,1997*
Moon & Birds [A.Stevenson, E.Dickinson]  m-sop, pno (S&B, 2011)
           (i) Blackbird 
         (ii) The Moon is Distant  
         (iii) Bird in Hand 
         (iv) On not being able to look at the moon 
Nantcol Songs [Anne Stevenson]  sop, pno (S&B, 2003)
         (i) The Wind, the Sun and the Moon 
         (ii) A Perfect View *
Songs of Earth and Air (1983 rev.2002) [Lee, Davies, Silkin, Leslie] 4 songs: med.vce, pno (S&B, 2003)
         1. April Rise *
         2. The Kingfisher *
         3. Snowdrop
         4. A Warm Rain
Spring Diary [Anne Stevenson]  bar, pno (S&B, 2010)
        (i) Arrival Dream 
        (ii) Snow Squalls 
        (iii) It happens 
        (iv) East Wind 
       (v) A Clearer Memory 
Swift, Radiant Morning, A [Charles Sorley]  bar, pno (S&B, 2015)
        (i) Rooks 
        (ii) The Sounds of War 
        (iii) The Signpost  
        (iv) In Memoriam 
        (v) Earth's King
Summer Songs [D.Levertov, Z.Ghose]  med/high vce, pno (S&B, 2010)
        (i) A Dragonfly in the Sun  
        (ii) In Summer
White Amaryllis, The (1991) [M.Sarton] song cycle:  med vce, pno (S&B, 1997)
         1. Celebration 
         2. The Snow Light
         3. Before Dawn
Wildflower Songbook  (2014) [A.Stevenson] m-sop, pno (TC, 2016)
        (i) Naming the Flowers  
        (ii) Rosebay Ballad 
        (iii) Digitalis


Colours [A. Stevenson] sop, tpt, org (S&B, 2007)
       (i) Enough of Green 
       (ii) The Circle
Cool Heart, The (1992 rev.1995) [E.Bishop] song cycle: med vce, Bb cl, vn, vc, pno (comp)
        1. Thunder 
        2. I  am in need of music  
        3. To a Tree  
        4. The Moon in my Sky
Hare in the Moon, The (1978, rev.79) [Ryokan] sop, mar, vibr, d. bass  (S&B,1997)
Haze and the Absence of Clouds [Z.Ghose, H.Thoreau] sop, str 4tet, pno (S&B, 2012)
Moon and Birds [A.Stevenson, E.Dickinson] m-sop, fl, hp, str 4tet (S&B, 2011)
         (i) Blackbird 
        (ii) The Moon is Distant 
        (iii) Bird in Hand  
Nantcol Songs [A. Stevenson]  sop, 6 harps  (S&B, 2003)
        (1) The Wind, the Sun and the Moon 
        (2) A Perfect View 
Of Swans, Snails and Geese (1996) [M.Sarton] m-sop, 2 ten, bar, 2 elec.guit, bass gt  (S&B,1997)
         1. The Memory of Swans
         2. Eine kleine Snailmusik
         3.  Franz, a Goose
River, A [A. Stevenson] sop, baroque/mod. oboe, viol/vc, hpsichd  (S&B, 2008)
Three Songs with Guitar (1986) [Poe, Soyinka, Haines]  high voice, guitar  (And. 1987) 
         1. A Dream within a Dream
         2.  Night
         3. If the owl calls again
Three Yeats Songs  sop, fl (comp, 1967, rev. 2017) (TC, 2017)
         1. Had I the Heavens' embroidered cloths
         2. He and She
         3. Sweet Dancer
Trinity [A. Stevenson]  sop, fl, pno (S&B, 2004*
        1. Trinity at Low Tide
        2. Without me
        3. Vertigo
Trois Chansons de François Villon (1969 rev.1998) med/high voice, flute  (S&B,1998)
        1. Ballade I
        2. Ballade II
        3. Epistre
Witch’s Manuscript, The (1987) [Carol Rumens]  sop, brass 5tet (S&B,1997)