LISTEN: Voice and piano

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A Swift Radiant Morning
for baritone and piano
Five songs to texts by WW1 poet Charles Sorley
No. 4. 'In Memoriam' 

No. 3. 'The Signpost'

Wildflower Songbook
for mezzo-soprano and piano
Three songs to poems by Anne Stevenson
No.1. 'Naming the Flowers'

Spring Diary
Five songs for baritone and piano
 to poems by Anne Stevenson 
No. 5. 'A Clearer Memory'

 Cerddi Hynafol (Ancient Songs)
Three songs to ancient Welsh texts for mezzo-soprano and piano
No. 2. 'Galarnad Heledd' (Heledd's Lament)

Summer Songs
Two songs for medium/high voice and piano

No. 2. 'A Dragonfly in the Sun'
(text by Zulfikar Ghose)

The Flowing Sand 
for baritone and piano
Five songs to poems by Samuel Beckett
No. 3. 'Da Tagte Es'