LISTEN: Voice and Orchestra / Instrumental ensemble

The White Amaryllis
[May Sarton] 
for medium voice and orchestra
 Mvt 3: 'Before Dawn'
Moon and Birds   
four songs for medium voice and chamber ensemble
No. 4, 'On not being able to look at the moon'
[Anne Stevenson]

Daughters' Letters (1996) 
two scenes for soprano, strings and percussion 
No. 1. 'Marianne Chandler to her mother in New Orleans'

No. 2.  'Kathy Chattle, to her mother, 
from the Good Samaritan Hospital, New York

7-mvt work for soprano and orchestra, text after Aeschylus
Mvt 2: 'Lament for his Absence'

Mvts 3 & 4. 'Agamemnon's Return' and 'The Deed'

Mvt 6. Defiance: 'It's done, my lords, the deed is done!'