'Salve Nos' for solo viola
Hiyoli Togawa

'Songs of Solitude' 

Clytemnestra (Aeschylus)
Ruby Hughes, soprano 
BBCNOW, Jac Van Steen, conductor


5 STAR REVIEW:  Clytemnestra [is] a powerful piece . . . Time and again on this album, usefully filled out with Mahler and Berg, predecessors audibly close to Samuel's heart, soloist and composer make Clytemnestra's wrenching drama something tangible. When Hughes sings of fire, you feel the heat. At the word, 'weeping', your heart breaks.                      Geoff  Brown, The Times, 31 January, 2020                            

5 STAR REVIEW: Samuel's musical response is something of a tour de force --  at once fiercely dramatic and always coherent . . .                     
Malcom Hayes, BBC Music Magazine, March 2020

[Clytemnestra is] a powerful and persuasive monodrama . . . whose seven movements take us from the first news of Agmemnon's return . . . to the 'Epilogue: Dirge', whose sudden quiet reflectiveness is surprisingly moving. Samuel's musical language is accessible and powerful, with an appropriately craggy granitic strength to it. . . It's for Samuel's punchy work that this fine album [the BIS CD] is primarily worth seeking out.        
Hugo Shirley, Gramophone, January, 2020  

In Clytemnestra (BIS), soprano Ruby Hughes, the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and conductor Jac van Steen give new life to Samuel’s powerful, seven-movement work for soprano and orchestra. . . It explores – with rare insight, passionately expressed by Hughes – the motives that led Clytemnestra to murder her husband, Agamemnon.               
Fiona Maddox, The Guardian, 19 January 2020 

Rhian Samuel's Clytemnestra could yet take its place alongside other British excursions into Classical Greek myth such as Tippett's King Priam and especially Britten's Phaedra, that other great female confessional monologue.       Roy Westbrook, MusicWeb International, February, 2020 

The White Amaryllis (May Sarton)
Katharine Dain, soprano, Jocelyn Freeman, piano 

The Flowing Sand (Samuel Beckett)
Paul Carey Jones, baritone, Jocelyn Freeman, piano

Yr Alarch/The Swan for solo voice (Anon.)
Paul Carey Jones, baritone

'Song, Lied, Cân'
Tŷ Cerdd Record

All worth discovering.  Fiona Maddox, Observer, 19 January, 2020. 

Love bade me welcome (George Herbert)
Choir of New College, 
Oxford, Robert Quinney, director

'The Gate of Heaven'
Novum NCR 1391

The Hare in the Moon 
Lucy Crowe, soprano, Simon Lepper, piano
[MP3 Clip - beginning]
Time out of Time 
Gemma Rosefield, cello, Simon Lepper, piano
[MP3 Clip - beginning of 'Mechanical Doll']
A Garland for Anne 
Chenyin Li, solo piano
[MP3 Clip - beginning]
Joana Seara, soprano, Adam Walker, flute, John Reid, piano
[MP3 Clip - beginning]
Piano Quartet: Light and Water 
Fidelio Quartet: Michael Dussek, piano, Tamás András, violin, Sarah-Jane Bradley, viola, Gemma Rosefield, cello
[MP3 Clip - ending]
Gaslight Square II D
uo Antithesis: Dimitris Karydis and Petros Moschos 
[MP3 Clip - beginning] 

'Rhian Samuel: Light and Water' 
Deux-Elles DXL 1128

Everywhere a distinctive voice shines through Samuel’s craftsmanship.
                                                                                                  George Hall, The Independent on Sunday, 9 December 2007 

With excellent performances and sound this well produced disc should do much to bring Samuel’s finely crafted music deservedly to the attention of a wider audience.                                   Guy Rickards, Gramophone, December, 2007

Yr Alarch for SATB choir (Cardiff University Contemporary Music Group, conductor Robert Fokkens) 

'Only Breath'

Blythswood for viola and piano 
Su Zhen (viola), Simon Lepper (piano)

'British Rhapsody' 
Stone Records 5060192780352

Brief as they are, their expressive range is wide, with the first ending in a whisper and the last building to a huge climax, powerfully caught by the artists here.                                                           Edward Greenfield, Gramophone, April, 2014

Nantcol Songs: (2) A Perfect View (Anne Stevenson)
Gillian Keith (soprano), Simon Lepper (piano)

'A Garland for Presteigne'
Metronome METCD 1065 

The Gaze (W. Shakespeare) 
Caroline MacPhie (soprano), Joseph Middleton (piano)

'Love said to me'
Stone Records 5060192780451 

Shadow Dance for flute, oboe and piano
Nancy Ruffer (flute), John Anderson (oboe), Helen Crayford (piano)

'British Music for Flute, Oboe and Piano'
Dutton CDLX 7181 

Threnody with Fanfares for trumpet and organ
Deborah Calland (trumpet), William Whitehead (organ)

'North Star' [REVIEWS]
Deux-Elles DXL 1097 
Quartet: Threaded Light for string quartet
The Mavron Quartet

Mavron Quartet's 10th Anniversary Commission

Ariel for flute and piano 
Catherine Handley (flute), Andrew Wilson-Dickson (piano)

'Ariel'A0267 (HAL004) 

Songs of Earth and Air: 'The Kingfisher' and 'April Rise' 
Sharon Mabry (mezzo-soprano), Rosemary Platt (piano)
Music by Women. Capstone CPS-8714 
http://www.capstone records.org 

Traquair Music for solo oboe
Cynthia Green Libby (oboe)

'Daystream Dances'
Hester Park CD 7707 

Jolly Wat the Shepherd for SATB chorus
Joyful Company of Singers, Peter Broadbent, conductor

'Plum Pudding'
Champs Hill Records CHRCD013