(scores in alphabetical order)

  viola and piano 

                I. Tangled Webs LISTEN 
                II. Gannets Diving  LISTEN 
                III. To become the song LISTEN  LISTEN

1st perf: Su Zhen (vla), Simon Lepper (pf), Harlow Old Town Hall, Harlow, Essex (1999 Harlow Viola Festival), 20 February 1999. 1st USA perf: Hannah Levinson (vla), Russell Hirshfield (pf), Veronica Hagman Concert Hall, Western Connecticut State University,  Danbury, CT.
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref H398 

 . . . these three pieces could stand individually or would make a welcome addition to a recital programme in their entirety.  
                            Leonie Anderson, ESTA News and Views

Rhian Samuel’s three pieces . . . are lyrical, full of movement and atmospheric. . . . these pieces need technical command and imagination but they are all approachable and allow the performer to see beyond the notes and communicate the expressive nature of the music. 
                           Jennifer Peterson, Music Teacher Magazine, Spring 2000

Brief as they are, their expressive range is wide, with the first ending in a whisper and the last building to a huge climax, powerfully caught by the artists here. 
                           Edward Greenfield, Gramophone, April, 2014

[Rhian Samuel] in contrast, exploits the viola's capacity for sparseness and eloquence in Blythswood, written as she watched seascapes and mountains while resident in the remote Scottish Highlands. 
                            Fiona Maddocks, Observer, 9 Feb, 2014

violin and piano

1. Summer Rain
2. Gentle Persuasion
3. Jiggety Jig LISTEN 

1st perf.: Madeleine Mitchell (vln), Nigel Foster (pf), Powis Hall, Bangor University, 4 Sept, 2019. 
1st USA perf: Laura Kobayashi (vln), Susan Gray (pf), Colton Recital Hall, Univ. of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD,
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd, 2019. 

piano quintet
 I.  Tides  -- II.  Surreptitious Waltz – III.  Pines by Moonlight  -- 
                      IV.  Distant Hymn -- V. Motoring

1st perf: Franke Piano Quintet with students from Benenden School, Cranbrook, Kent, 29 April 2001.
Pub. S&B.  Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y182

LAST DANCE, THE (2009) 17'
string quartet
Darwin Bicentennial Quartet (Edward McCullough, Takuma Yamaguchi, vlns; Lesley Larkum vla, Miguel Calvo, vc) Bridewell Hall, London, 11 July, 2009.
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref. Y262. 

MIST ON THE HILLS (2011) 9½'
accordion and string quartet  
1. Settling - II. Lingering -  III. Swirling

1st perf: Milos Milivojevic (accordion), Juritz Quartet (David Juritz, Naomi Thomas, vlns; Martin Kegelman, vla; Rosie Biss, vc), The Tabernacle, Machynlleth, 22 August, 2011. (Machynlleth Festival)
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref. Y279
This work is also available in a version for two accordions. Please contact the composer for details.   
MOVING IMAGES (2018) 14'
violin and piano
Commissioned by Carol Nixon

               1. Chasing Shadows
               2.  Fallen Trees  LISTEN
                3. Rooks in the East Wind  LISTEN

1st perf: Elena Urioste (vln), Tom Poster (pf), Great Hall, Aberystwyth University Arts Centre, 9 October, 2021. 
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd 

violin and piano
Commissioned by Joji Hattori
1st perf: Joji Hattori (vln), Joseph Seiger (pf), Wigmore Hall, London, 29 October, 1998.
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref. H423. 

   Tonally rich and quixotic.          
                      Edward Lewis, Classical Source, January, 2007 
violin, cello and piano
1st perf: The Inari Ensemble (Clare Hammond, pf, Jenna Sherry, vln, Richard Birchall, vc), St Mary's Church, Cossington, Somerset, 2 April 2011.
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref. Y273.

In five continuous movements offering considerable contrast, brillinatly played throughout  by teh Inari Ensemble . . .  Samuel justifiably declared her warm appreciation fo the performance, a verdict whole-heartedly endorsed by the enthusiastic audience. 
                     County Gazette (Somerset), 19 April 2011 
string quartet
Commissioned by the 1997 Lower Machen Festival with funds from the Arts Council of Wales
1st perf: Emperor Quartet, St Michael's Church, Lower Machen, Wales. 
Pub. S&B. Score and part available for purchase, ref. Y148.  
piano quartet 
I.  Light through Water  LISTEN
III. Water above Light  LISTEN
II.  Light above Water  LISTEN     
IV. Water through Light  (i)  LISTEN  (ii)  LISTEN

1st perf: Fidelio Piano Quartet, St John’s Church, Hampstead, London, 15 May, 2004 (Hampstead and Highgate Festival)
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref AC211

The shifting, glittering interplay of piano and strings throughout the work, and an idiom of   deceptive, challenging transparency, gave those repeated words [‘Light’, ‘Water’] a reality that lingers   in my mind.           Paul Driver, The Sunday Times, 30 May 2004 

 Light and Water is definitely a piece that needs repeated hearing; having heard this excellent first outing     in Hampstead’s St John’s Church, I hope to remake its acquaintance soon.
                              Guy Rickards, Tempo, Oct. 2004    

RONDO PIZZICATO (1984) string quartet 
 Published in The String Quartet, IV, ed. G. Winters, London/Hamburg: N. Simrock, 1986 

SALVE NOS (2020)  c. 4'30"  LISTEN 
solo viola 
Commissioned  by Hiyoli Tagawa for the BIS CD, 'Songs of Solitude' 
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd 

Enfin, le Salve Nos de Rhian Samuel cristallise toutes ces idées à travers un style quasi improvisé, presque populaire parfois, mais qui exige de Togawa de grands contrastes et une grande maîtrise de son phrasé, de son vibrato, du timbre de son instrument. Set album est un réussite. . . 
                                    Marie Humbert, composher.com

Rhian Samuel (Salve Nos) ha[s] written engagingly characterful music that is nothing like your usual doleful elegy.               Carlos Maria Solare, The Strad,  22 June, 2021 

Le déchirant 'Salve Nos' de Samuel résonne comme un cri de désespoir.
                                     Joel Chevassus, Audiophile Magazine, 25 April, 2021  
SHARDS OF LIGHT (2005) 7' 
solo violin 
Commissioned by György Pauk for his students 
1st perf: Chihiro Inda, Royal Academy of Music, London, 27 June 2006.
Pub. S&B.  Copies available for purchase, ref Y228.

 . . .  a definite sympathy and understanding for what is possible in the production of colour and sound on the violin. Shards of Light is demanding but also intriguing and atmospheric.
                                    Patricia Noall, ESTA News and Views, Winter 2006    

 A striking contrast of dynamics, range, tempos, and mixed meters, in combination with Samuel’s descriptive and articulate notes, makes Shards of Light an exciting but challenging addition to the solo repertoire.                                               Graham Pellettieri, Strings, 2007

SONATA for violin and piano (2018)  13½’
Commissioned by Rhyl Music Club with funds from the PRS
 in three movements
1st perf: Mary Hofman, violin, & Richard Ormrod, piano, Rhyl Music Club, 17 October, 2018. Toured to Music Clubs across Wales by the above performers in 2018-19.
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd, 2018 

 (2012) c.18' 
string quartet with optional percussion
Commissioned by the Mavron Quartet in celebration of its 10th anniversary, with a ‘Women Make Music’ award from the PRS for Music Foundation  

I.  Twine (1)                  V. Foxtrot Gleam
II.  Late Sun                  VI. Estuary by Moonlight
III.  Glinting Stars         VII. Twine (3)
IV.  Twine (2)                                         

1st perf: Mavron Quartet (Christiana Mavron, Katy Rowe, vlns; Niamh Ferris, vla; Lucy Simmonds, vc), 29 May 2012, St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y298 

 TIME OUT OF TIME (2002) 12' 
 Little Suite for cello and piano

I.  Angels (i) LISTEN  
II.  Mechanical Doll  LISTEN
III. ’Twixt Thee and Me  LISTEN    
IV. The Little Boat at its Moorings  LISTEN 
V. Harmonium LISTEN 
VI. Angels (ii)  LISTEN

 1st perf (nos. I–III): Mats Lidstrom (vc), Mark Glasser (pf), Greenwich Theatre, London, 27 May 2002;   1st complete perf: Beate Altenburg (vc), Jeremy Eskenazi (pf), Royal Academy of Music, London, 9 Jan. 2003 
 Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y184 

   Time out of Time ... is an imaginative addition to the contemporary cello-and-piano repertoire. 
                              Peter Palmer, Tempo Vol. 62, Issue 244, April 2008 

 TIME OUT OF TIME (2002) 12' 
  Little Suite arranged for viola and piano
  Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y192 

 TIN SOLDIER (2002) 1½'
  cello and piano 
  Commissioned by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music 
  Published in Spectrum for Cello, ABRSM Publishing 

  In the whimsical Tin Solder by Rhian Samuel, the rhythms and pizzicati are great fun to play.
                         C.M., Stringendo (Journal of the Australian Strings Assoc.), Vol. 26, no.1, 2004
 This is a descriptively fraught little piece that, despite some difficult rhythm and position work, will no   doubt become a favourite with my younger students.
                          ESTA, Spring, 2004, 29, no 1