SONATA for violin and piano (February, 2018)  13½’
Commissioned by Rhyl Music Club with funds from the PRS
in three movements
1st perf (forthcoming): Mary Hofman, violin, & Richard Ormrod, piano, Rhyl Music Club, 17 October, 2018. To be toured across Wales by the above performers in 2018-19.
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd, forthcoming

DOVEY JUNCTION (2005 rev. 2017) 4½' 
brass quintet (2tpt, hn, tbn, tba) 
Commissioned by the Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica (Rome) 
1st perf: Borealis Brass (Alaska), Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, Los Angeles, California, USA, 3 October 2005 (UNESCO World Forum on Music); 1st UK perf: Academy Brass, James Watson (cond), Duke’s Hall, Royal Academy 
of Music, London, 21 October 2005. 
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y224.

The music is atmospheric, offering a sense of the place that it was composed for. . . DoveyJunction is an excellentpiece in miniature form for college players or a group of similar-minded Grade 8 instrumentalists who are confidentsoloists.
                                                        Kevin Street, Music Teacher, February 2007

ON THIS PRECIOUS EARTH for 10 instruments (2016) 11'
1st perf: Sinfonia Adesso,  Cayenna Ponchione, conductor, Holywell Music Room, Oxford, 7 March 2016

1. Diminishing Glory --  2. Under the Night Sky -- 3. Lament for Paris 19.11.15

REDLANDS SUITE (1967 rev. Oct. 2016) 8'
oboe, clarinet and bassoon 

I. Distances                         II. Stony Ground
III. On Green Lawns.         IV. Irregular Paths

1st perf, original version: undergraduate students, University of Reading Music Department, June 1967
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd, 2017

LOCOMOTION (2016) 7½'
clarinet quartet 

1. Strolling  LISTEN -- 2. Contemplating --  3. Walking with all due speed  

1st perf: Catrin Soons, Lowri Thom, Daisy Cooksley (cls), Jesse Gosse (bcl), St Mary’s Priory Church, Monmouth, 19 April 2017 
Pub. S&B. Score and parts (3 B flat, 1 bass clarinet) available for purchase, ref Y340

viola and piano 

flute, viola and harp 
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd (forthcoming)

PERERIN (2015) 
flute and clarinet in Bb  
1st perf: Alena Walentin, flute, Peryn Clement-Evans, clarinet, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, 6 May, 2018

flute and guitar
Commissioned by Fabricio Mattos
1st perf: Lucas Jordan, flute, Fabricio Mattos, guitar, Norma Music Festival, Chiesa del Seminario, Hotel Villa del Cardinale, Norma, Italy, 10 August, 2014;  1st UK perf: Lucas Jordan flute, Fabricio Mattos, guitar, Holywell Music Room, Oxford, 10 May, 2015. 
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd, 2018

FRITILLARIES (Nov. 2014) 11'
for clarinet/viola and harp
Commissioned by Harp Department, Royal Academy of Music

1. Pearl-Bordered  -- 2. Queen of Spain -- 3. Silver-Washed

 [version for clarinet/viola and piano: 2018] 
1st perf: Elizabeth Bass, harp, Anthony Field, clarinet, Regents’ Hall, Oxford Street, London, 28 November, 2014. 
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd, 2016


1. Winding Tune – II. Ave Regina – III. Receding Tune

1st perf: Angharad Thomas, Harry Davidson, bassoons, Mordan Hall, St Hugh’s College, Oxford, 7 March 2014. 
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd, 2017

BRASS TACKS (2013) 5' 
brass quintet (2tpt, hn, tbn, tba) 
Commissioned by Arcomis (Arts Commissioning) 
1st perf: Arcomis Brass Quintet, Millennium Centre, Cardiff , 26 May 2013; First Canadian perf:  Foothills Brass, River Park Church, Calgary, Alberta, March 2014.
Pub. S&B, 2013.  Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y304 

IN SITU (2013) 11'
tenor saxophone and piano
Dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre, Connecticut, USA.

            1. Uneven Ground  LISTEN   --  2. Bitter Water  LISTEN       

1st perf.: Dan Goble, saxophone, Russell Hirshfield, piano, Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, Connecticut, USA, 15 April, 2015
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd, 2016

THREADED LIGHT (2012) c.18' 
string quartet with optional percussion
Commissioned by the Mavron Quartet in celebration of its 10th anniversary, with a ‘Women Make Music’ award from the PRS for Music Foundation  

I.  Twine (1)                   V. Foxtrot Gleam
II.  Late Sun                   VI. Estuary by Moonlight
III.  Glinting Stars            VII. Twine (3)
IV.  Twine (2)                                         

1st perf: Mavron Quartet (Christiana Mavron, Katy Rowe, vlns; Niamh Ferris, vla; Lucy Simmonds, vc), 29 May 2012, St David’s Hall, Cardiff. 
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y298 

NAMING THE FLOWERS (1999, rev. 2012)
solo guitar
1st perf, rev. version:  Fabricio Mattos, guitar Josefowitz Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London, 29 November, 2012.
Pub. Stainer & Bell, 2012. Copies available for purchase, ref Y175 

MIST ON THE HILLS (2011) 9½'
accordion and string quartet

               I. Settling – II. Lingering   -- III. Swirling 

1st perf: Milos Milivojevic (accordion), Juritz Quartet (David Juritz, Naomi Thomas, vlns; Martin Kegelmann, vla; Rosie Biss, vc, The Tabernacle, Machynlleth, 22 August 2011 (Machynlleth Festival). 
Pub. S&B.  Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y279 
This work is also available in a version for two accordions. Please contact the composer for details. 

PHANTASY TRIO (2010) 7½’
violin, cello and piano 
1st perf: The Inari Ensemble (Clare Hammond, pf; Jenna Sherry, vln; Richard Birchall, vc), St Mary’s Church, Cossington, Somerset, 2 April 2011. 
Pub S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y273 

In five continuous movements offering considerable contrast, brilliantly played throughout by the Inari Ensemble . . . Samuel justifiably declared here warm appreciation of the performance, a verdict whole-heartedly endorsed by the enthusiastic audience
.                                                        County Gazette (Somerset), 19 April, 2011

THE LAST DANCE (2009) 17' 
string quartet 
1st perf: Darwin Bicentennial Quartet (Edward McCullagh, Takuma Yamaguchi, vlns; Lesley Larkum, vla; Miguel Calvo, vc),  Bridewell Hall, London, 11 July 2009. 
Pub. S&B.  Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y262.

solo harp 
Written for the 2010 International Harp Festival, Caernarvon, North Wales 
Toured to Spain and Portugal by harpist Helen Davies in 2018.
Pub S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y259 

solo viola and chamber ensemble (flute, clarinet in B flat, two violins, cello, harp) 
Commissioned by Mobius for its ‘Birthday Candles’ project in celebration of its 10th anniversary 
1st perf: Vicci Wardman (vla), Mobius, Wigmore Hall, London, 22 March 2008; toured throughout Wales in 2018 by  Ensemble Cymru. 
Pub. S&B.  Score and parts available for puchase, ref Y244 

 But only Rhian Samuel’s Emerging (lightly) struck me as having enough musical argument to grip the brain as well as tickle the ear. Here the viola was the still centre of a quicksilver polyphonic whirl, before intoning a haunting folk-like tune over an oasis of calm G major. The impression was of a serene character quelling fractious colleagues. Intriguing and stimulating, rather than merely pleasant and inoffensive.
                                                            Richard Morrison, The Times, 26 March 2008 

 Rhian Samuel’s clever Emerging (lightly) let viola-player Vicca Wardman free in an engaging dialogue with the ensemble as the calm of G major evolves from a frenetic opening theme.    
                                                            Antony Craig, Gramophone, June 2008

Beautifully written, as one has come to expect from this composer, it might be manageable by an advanced school group or could be ideal for performance at a contemporary music festival at a college or university. 
                                         Leonie Anderson, ESTA News & Views, Autumn 2008 

two harps 
Commissioned by the Harp Department, Royal Academy of Music 
1st perf: Jimin Lee and Nanako Murakami, Duke’s Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London, 7 March 2008. 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y245, price £9.75 

LITTLE DUOS (2006) 9' 
two B flat clarinets 
1st perf: George Georgiou and Ona Cardona, City University, London, 27 February 2007. 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase (two copies supplied), ref Y233 

      i. Presto  LISTEN    ii. Andante  LISTEN      iii. Presto    LISTEN      

These exciting Little Duos require lively players with a fairly fluent technique, and they are welcome additions to the duo repertoire.                                           
                                      David Campbell, Sheet Music Review, March/April 2007 

 . . . to play they are witty, imaginative and explore some beautiful harmonies. The interplay between the two instruments is creatively handled with some striking and unusual effects. Definitely for advanced players (Grade 8 plus) but my school-aged students of this standard were very keen to learn and perform them. 
                                     Helen Paskins, Music Teacher, December 2006

SHARDS OF LIGHT (2005) 7' 
solo violin 
Commissioned by György Pauk for his students 
1st perf: Chihiro Inda, Royal Academy of Music, London, 27 June 2006.
Pub. S&B.  Copies available for purchase, ref Y228.

 . . .  a definite sympathy and understanding for what is possible in the production of colour and sound on the violin . . . . Shards of Light is demanding but also intriguing and atmospheric. 
                                          Patricia Noall, ESTA News and Views, Winter 2006 

 A striking contrast of dynamics, range, tempos, and mixed meters, in combination with Samuel’s descriptive and articulate notes, makes Shards of Light an exciting but challenging addition to the solo repertoire.
                                                                 Graham Pellettieri, Strings, 2007

solo harp 
Commissioned by Skaila Kanga 
1st perf: Skaila Kanga, Duke’s Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London, 6 May 2004 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y217.

piano quartet 

I.  Light through Water     III. Water above Light
II.  Light above Water      IV. Water through Light  LISTEN  

1st perf: Fidelio Piano Quartet, St John’s Church, Hampstead, London, 15 May 2004 (Hampstead and Highgate Festival)
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref AC211

 . . . The shifting, glittering interplay of piano and strings throughout the work, and an idiom of deceptive, challenging transparency, gave those repeated words {‘Light’, ‘Water’] a reality that lingers in my mind. 
                                                    Paul Driver, The Sunday Times, 30 May 2004 

 Light and Water is definitely a piece that needs repeated hearing; having heard this excellent first outing in Hampstead’s St John’s Church, I hope to remake its acquaintance soon.
                                                                       Guy Rickards, Tempo, Oct. 2004 

SONGLINES (2002) 12' 
alto saxophone and piano 

I. Violets are Blue LISTEN    – II. Fourteen Angels – III. The Tree on the Hill

1st perf: Sarah James (sax), Grace Huang (pf), Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, 12 March 2003. 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y199 

In three movements, the piece travels through many interesting climates often in very tight, angular environments needing much rhythmical security. The composer, obviously well acquainted with the instrument, stretched its and the performer’s capabilities. 
                                      A. Wilson, Clarinet & Saxophone, Summer 2003 

VARIATIONS (1988, rev. 2002) 7' 
trombone quartet 
1st perf: London Trombone Chorale, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 9 March 1988. 
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y197

. . . ET LAMENTABLE JOYE (1988, rev. 2002) 6'
 solo clarinet in B flat
1st perf: Robina Dallmeyer, British Music Information Centre, London, 5 May 1988;1st perf (rev. version): Andrew Mason, Kimbolton Music Club, Cambridgeshire, 1 December 2002. 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y193 

PRIMAVERA (1984–2002) 20' LISTEN  
fl, ob, cl, hn, bsn 

I. Midwinter Spring -- II. Opening Buds -- III. Spring Midwinter

1st perf, Mvt I: Patterson Wind Quintet (Kate Hill, fl, Nicholas Daniel, ob, Joy Farrell, cl, Peter Ash, hn, Peter Williams, bsn, St John’s Downshire Hill, Hampstead, London, 30 June 1984; 1st complete perf: The Aurora Ensemble, Pontardawe Arts Centre, Swansea, 1 November 2002. 
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y196 

SHAPING THE AIR (2000, 2002) 11' 
Version for soprano/alto saxophone and piano

I. Fretting  LISTEN   --  II. Silver Ropes --  III. Windmills

1st perf: Sarah James (sax), Paul Turner (pf), British Clarinet and Saxophone Society Congress, Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff, 25 October 2002 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y195

TIME OUT OF TIME (2002) 12' 
Little Suite for cello and piano

I.  Angels (i) – II.  Mechanical Doll – III.  ’Twixt Thee and Me            -
IV. The Little Boat at its Moorings --  V. Harmonium – VI. Angels (ii)

1st perf (nos. I–III): Mats Lidstrom (vc), Mark Glasser (pf), Greenwich Theatre, London, 27 May 2002; 1st complete perf: Beate Altenburg (vc), Jeremy Eskenazi (pf ), Royal Academy of Music, London, 9 Jan. 2003 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y184 

Time out of Time ... is an imaginative addition to the contemporary cello-and-piano repertoire. 
                                                 Peter Palmer, Tempo Vol. 62, Issue 244, April 2008 

TIME OUT OF TIME (2002) 12' 
Little Suite for cello and piano arranged for viola and piano 

I. Angels (i) – II.  Mechanical Doll – III. ’Twixt Thee and Me  --
IV. The Little Boat at its Moorings – V. Harmonium. – VI. Angels (ii)

Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y192 

TIN SOLDIER (2002) 1½'
cello and piano 
Commissioned by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music 
Published in Spectrum for Cello, ABRSM Publishing 

In the whimsical Tin Solder by Rhian Samuel, the rhythms and pizzicati are great fun to play.
        C.M., Stringendo (Journal of the Australian Strings Assoc.), Vol. 26, no.1, 2004

This is a descriptively fraught little piece that, despite some difficult rhythm and position work, will no doubt become a favourite with my younger students.
                                                                          ESTA, Spring, 2004, 29, no 1

piano quintet 

        I.  Tides  -- II.  Surreptitious Waltz – III.  Pines by Moonlight  --
IV.  Distant Hymn -- V. Motoring

1st perf: Franke Piano Quintet with students from Benenden School, Cranbrook, Kent, 29 April 2001.
Pub. S&B.  Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y182

SHAPING THE AIR (2000) 11' 
oboe and piano

        I  Fretting -- II  Silver Ropes -- III  Windmills
1st perf: Katherine MacKintosh (ob), Simon Lepper (pf), Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, 22 November 2000. 
Pub. S&B Copies available for purchase, ref Y18

clarinet, viola and piano 
Commissioned by The York Trio 
1st perf: Chroma, Cardigan Music Club, Cardigan, Ceredigion, Wales, 6 September 2001. 
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y179 

solo guitar

         I  Sky-Blue Chicory and Purple Angelica -- II  The Shell-frail Colour of Harebells
                                III  Foxglove, Balsam and Pods of Sweet Cicely

1st perf: Fabricio Mattos,  Josefowitz Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London, 29 November, 2012. 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y175

trumpet (in C) and organ
Dedicated to John Wallace, Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and Deborah Calland

              I.  Eryri 4' – II.  Black Mantillas 3'—III.  Threnody with Fanfares 5 ½' 

1st perf: John Wallace (tpt), Simon Wright (org), Duke’s Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London, 15 September 1999 
Pub S&B. Copies available for purchase, refs AC170, AC171 and AC172

Samuel speaks of [No.3] being built around ‘two completely opposed motives: the lament or sigh and the royal fanfare’. The fanfare’s impersonal grandeur is counterpoised by the sense of personal loss, echoes of the last post being heard more than once.  An interesting and rewarding piece.  
                                       Glyn Pursglove, Music-web International, July 2006

flute, harp and viola 
Commissioned by the Harp Department, Royal Academy of Music, London
1st perf: Katherine Baker (fl), Suzanne Willison (hp), Cian O’Duill (vla), Royal Academy of Music, London, 30 October 1998. 
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y167

violin and piano 
Commissioned by Joji Hattori 
1st perf: Joji Hattori (vln), Joseph Seiger (pf), Wigmore Hall, London, 29 October 1998.
Pub. S&B.  Copies available for purchase, ref H423

Tonally rich and quixotic         Edward Lewis, Classical Source, January 2007

five C flutes 

       I Dark Journey --  II Dance in the Light

Written for music students at Reading University. 
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y164 

DANCE IN THE LIGHT (1997) 4' two C flutes 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase (two copies supplied), ref Y157

string quartet 
Commissioned by the 1997 Lower Machen Festival with funds from the Arts Council of Wales 
1st perf: Emperor Quartet, St Michael’s Church, Lower Machen, 25 June 1997. 
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y148 

STEPPING OUT (1996) 9' 
clarinet and piano 
1st perf: Katherine Spencer (cl), Sam Haywood (pf ), Britten Theatre, Royal College of Music, London, 15 August 1997. 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y144  

[Stepping Out], a virtuosic, witty, clarinet-piano duo was given a captivating performance.  . .
                                              Deborah Hayes, IAWM Journal, Winter 1998

LA ROCA BLANCA (1996) 5'
1st perf: Elinor Bennett, Criccieth Festival, 21 June 1996 .
Pub. in The Living Harp, edited Elinor Bennett, Curiad Publications, 1996 

viola and piano 

                I. Tangled Webs II. Gannets Diving   III. To become the song 

1st perf: Su Zhen (vla), Simon Lepper (pf), Harlow Old Town Hall, Harlow, Essex (1999 Harlow Viola Festival), 20 February 1999. 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref H398 

 . . . these three pieces could stand individually or would make a welcome addition to a recital programme in their entirety.  
                                                         Leonie Anderson, ESTA News and Views

Rhian Samuel’s three pieces . . . are lyrical, full of movement and atmospheric. . . . these pieces need technical command and imagination but they are all approachable and allow the performer to see beyond the notes and communicate the expressive nature of the music. 
                                Jennifer Peterson, Music Teacher Magazine, Spring 2000

Brief as they are, their expressive range is wide, with the first ending in a whisper and the last building to a huge climax, powerfully caught by the artists here. 
                                                      Edward Greenfield, Gramophone, April, 2014

WHEREVER I GO (1995) 5' 
solo flute 
1st perf: Anna Maria Morini, Castello Caetani, Sermoneta, Italy (Pontino Festival), 9 June 1995 ; 1st British perf: Lisa-Maree Amos, BMIC, London, 6 June, 1996.
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y147

solo oboe 
1st perf: Cynthia Green, Rocky Mountain College, Billings, Montana, USA, 23 February 1991; 1st British perf: Ruth Scott, Presteigne Festival, 30 August 1996.
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y146

ARIEL (1988) 7' 
flute and piano 
1st perf: Nicola Ellis (fl ), Sadie Harrison (pf), King’s College, London, 27 June 1988. 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y149 

SHADOW DANCE (1984, rev. 1985) 7' 
flute, oboe and piano 
1st perf (orig. version): Joanne Pitman (fl), Christle Judd (ob), Richard Shaw (pf), King’s College, London, February 1984. 1st perf (rev. version): Members of Capricorn: Philippa Davies (fl), Christopher O’Neal (ob), Julian Jacobson (pf), St John’s Smith Square, London,May 1985;  1st broadcast perf: same performers, January 1986 (BBC Radio 3).
Pub. S&B.Score and parts available for purchase, ref AC150 

RONDO PIZZICATO (1984) string quartet 

Published in The String Quartet, IV, ed. G. Winters, London/Hamburg: N. Simrock, 1986