Ad Lucem 
Tom Winpenny, organ
St Albans Experience
Willowhayne Records www.willowhayne.com 

Alarch, Yr (The Swan) for solo voice
Elin Manahan Thomas, soprano
Taliesin's Songbook
Ty Cerdd Records TCR031 www.tycerddshop.com 

Rhian Samuel's 'Yr Alarch' (The Swan) for solo soprano offers a potent contrast to this more lyrical style and is performed with real bravura by Elin Manahan Thomas. Samuel's ingenious setting of this anonymous 14th-century poem offers a striking musical evocation of the swan in all its guises, from soaring arcs of melody to pattering snippets of exploratory vocalisation. 
                                  Kate Wakeling, BBC Music Magazine, September 2021
Alarch, Yr (The Swan) for SATB chorus
Cardiff University Contemporary Music Group
Robert Fokkens, conductor
Only Breath; New Choral Music from Wales
Ty Cerdd Records TCR022 www.tycerddshop.com 

Catherine Handley, flute, Andrew Wilson-Dickson, piano
A0267-CD  HAL 004 www.creighton-griffiths.co.uk

Su Zhen, viola, Simon Lepper, piano)
British Rhapsody: Music for Viola and Piano 
Stone Records 5060192780352 www.stonerecords.co.uk

BBCNOW, Jac van Steen, conductor, Ruby Hughes, soprano
BIS Records BIS-2408 SACD www.bis.se
It’s a powerful and exuberant work ... there is a rich and vivid imagination at work here, and Hughes gives it her all.     
                                 Rupert Christiansen, The Daily Telegraph 22 February 2020 
Time and again on this album soloist and composer make Clytemnestra’s wrenching drama something tangible ... The instrumental fabric is equally strong, with beautiful playing from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, on the top of its top form, conducted by Jac van Steen.                                      
George Brown, The Times 31 January 2020 
Samuel’s musical response is something of a tour de force – at once fiercely dramatic and always coherent ... Hughes rises to the challenge with bombproof technical strength and control, plenty of repower where needed, and a thrilling instinct for capturing the persona of this fearsome anti-heroine. 
                                        Malcolm Hayes, BBC Music Magazine,  February 2020 
Samuel’s musical language is accessible and powerful, with an appropriately craggy granitic strength to it ... Jac van Steen gets excellent, vivid playing from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales ... [I]t’s for Samuel’s punchy work that this new album is primarily worth seeking out.                                Hugo Shirley, The Gramophone February 2020 

Dovey Junction
A5 Brass Quintet
Carthen Cerdd
Ty Cerdd Records TCR023 www.tycerddshop.com 

Gaze, The  [Shakespeare] 
Caroline MacPhie, soprano, Joseph Middleton, piano)
Love said to me
Stone Records 5060192780451 www.stonerecords.co.uk  www.stonerecords.co.uk 

Hare in the Moon, The 
Lucy Crowe, soprano, Simon Lepper, piano
Time out of Time 
Gemma Rosefield, cello, Simon Lepper, piano
A Garland for Anne 
Chenyin Li, piano
Joana Seara, soprano, Adam Walker, flute, John Reid, piano
Quartet: Light and Water 
Fidelio Piano Quartet: Michael Dussek, piano, Tamás András, violin, Sarah-Jane Bradley, viola, Gemma Rosefield, cello)
Gaslight Square II 
Piano Duo Antithesis: Dimitris Karydis, Petros Moschos 
Rhian Samuel: Light and Water 
Deux-Elles DXL1128  www.deux-elles.co.uk
This recording succeeds on two counts, being both a rounded ‘composer portrait’ and a show-case for some young musicians.                
                                  Peter Palmer, Tempo Vol. 62, Issue 244, April 2008 
Everywhere a distinctive voice shines through Samuel’s craftsmanship.
                                  George Hall, The Independent on Sunday, 9 December 2007 

Jolly Wat the Shepherd 
Joyful Company of Singers, Peter Broadbent, conductor
Plum Pudding 
Champs Hill Records CHRCD013 www.champshillrecords.co.uk  

LIttle Duos for oboe and cor anglais 
Tailleferre Ensemble: Penelope Smith, oboe, Nicola Hands, cor anglais
There are Things to be Said
Ulysses Arts www.ulyssesarts.com

Love bade me welcome 
Choir of New College, Robert Quinney, director
The Gate of Heaven 
Novum Records NCR 1391 www.newcollegechoir.com

Nantcol Songs: A Perfect View 
Gillian Keith, soprano, Simon Lepper, piano
A Garland for Presteigne 
Metronome METCD1065  www.metronome.co.uk

Quartet: Threaded Light 
Mavron Quartet
The Mavron Quartet’s 10th Anniversary Commissions 
Tŷ Cerdd Studios: www.tycerdd.org  

Salve Nos 
Hiyoli Togawa, viola
Songs of Solitude
BIS Records BIS-2533SACD www.bis.se

Shadow Dance 
Nancy Ruffer, flute, John Anderson, oboe, Helen Crayford, piano
British Music for Flute, Oboe and Piano 
Dutton Epoch CDLX 7181 www.duttonvocalion.co.uk
Sonata for Violin and Piano 
Mary Hofman, violin, Richard Ormrod, piano
Unbroken Threads
Ty Cerdd Records TCR039 www.tycerddshop.com  

Songs of Earth and Air: The Kingfisher and April Rise 
Sharon Mabry, mezzo-soprano, Rosemary Platt, piano
Music by Women 
Capstone CPS-8714 (2-CD set)  (USA)

Songs of Earth and Air
Spring Diary
Moon over Maenefa
Summer Songs
A Swift Radiant Morning
Jeremy Huw Williams, baritone, Paula Fan, piano, Instrumentalists from U. Arizona. 
Songs of Earth and Air: The Vocal Works of Rhian Samuel
Lorelt Records, LNT 146 www.lorelt.co.uk 

Threnody with Fanfares 
Deborah Calland, trumpet, William Whitehead, organ) 
North Star 
Deux-Elles DXL1097 www.deux-elles.co.uk

Traquair Music 
Cynthia Green Libby, oboe
Daystream Dances 
Hester Park CD 7707 (USA)

White Amaryllis, The 
Katharine Dain, soprano, Jocelyn Freeman, piano 
Yr Alarch (The Swan) for solo voice 
Paul Carey Jones, baritone
The Flowing Sand 
Paul Carey Jones, baritone, Jocelyn Freeman, piano 
Song/Lied/Cân: Vocal Music by Rhian Samuel and Clara Schumann 
Tŷ Cerdd Records TCR027 www.tycerddshop.com