(scores in alphabetical order)

ARIEL (1988) 7'  LISTEN
flute and piano 
1st perf: Nicola Ellis (fl ), Sadie Harrison (pf), King’s College, London, 27 June 1988. 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y149 

DANCE IN THE LIGHT (1997) 4' two C flutes 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase (two copies supplied), ref Y157

. . . ET LAMENTABLE JOYE (1988, rev. 2002) 6'
 solo clarinet in B flat
1st perf: Robina Dallmeyer, British Music Information Centre, London, 5 May 1988
1st perf (rev. version): Andrew Mason, Kimbolton Music Club, Cambridgeshire, 1 Dec. 2002. 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y193

five C flutes 

       I Dark Journey 
      II Dance in the Light

Written for music students at Reading University. 
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y164

for clarinet/viola and harp  [version for clarinet/viola and piano: 2018] 
Commissioned by Harp Department, Royal Academy of Music

1. Pearl-Bordered 
2. Queen of Spain
3. Silver-Washed

1st perf: Elizabeth Bass, harp, Anthony Field, clarinet, Regents’ Hall, Oxford Street, London, 28 November, 2014. 
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd, 2016

IN SITU (2013) 11'
tenor saxophone and piano
Dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre, Connecticut, USA.

            1. Uneven Ground   LISTEN
            2. Bitter Water  LISTEN       

1st perf.: Dan Goble, saxophone, Russell Hirshfield, piano, Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, Connecticut, USA, 15 April, 2015 
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd, 2016

LITTLE DUOS (2006) 9' 
two B flat clarinets 

                       i. Presto  LISTEN    
                       ii. Andante  LISTEN     
                       iii. Presto    LISTEN      

1st perf: George Georgiou and Ona Cardona, City University, London, 27 February 2007. 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase (two copies supplied), ref Y233 

These exciting Little Duos require lively players with a fairly fluent technique, and they are welcome additions to the duo repertoire.                                           
                                      David Campbell, Sheet Music Review, March/April 2007 

 . . . to play they are witty, imaginative and explore some beautiful harmonies. The interplay between the two instruments is creatively handled with some striking and unusual effects. Definitely for advanced players (Grade 8 plus) but my school-aged students of this standard were very keen to learn and perform them. 
                                     Helen Paskins, Music Teacher, December 2006

LITTLE DUOS FOR OBOE & COR ANGLAIS (2020) c. 7½ ' LISTEN  (at 8'39").)

1. Morning Glow
2. Whispers
3. Sentries

1st perf: Penelope Smith, oboe, Nicola Hands, cor anglais, Cuckmere Festival, Litlington, Sussex, BN26 5RD  6 Sept. 2020.
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd, 2020
(On CD, There are Things to be Said, Ulysses Arts UA220060)

Another highlight [on the CD] is Rhian Samuel's playful Little Duos. . . .  . which evokes everything from bagpipes to clocks to pheasants in its three short movements.                                         Kate Wakeling, Classical Music, May 2023


I. Winding Tune
II. Ave Regina
III. Receding Tune

1st perf: Angharad Thomas, Harry Davidson, bassoons, Mordan Hall, St Hugh’s College, Oxford, 7 March 2014. 
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd, 2017

LOCOMOTION (2016) 7½'
clarinet quartet 

1. Strolling  LISTEN 
2. Contemplating 
3. Walking with all due speed  

1st perf: Catrin Soons, Lowri Thom, Daisy Cooksley (cls), Jesse Gosse (bcl), St Mary’s Priory Church, Monmouth, 19 April 2017 
Pub. S&B. Score and parts (3 B flat, 1 bass clarinet) available for purchase, ref Y340

PERERIN (2015) c. 4½' 
duo for flute and clarinet in Bb  
1st perf: Alena Walentin, flute, Peryn Clement-Evans, clarinet, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, 6 May, 2018
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd, 2019.

PRIMAVERA (1984–2002) 20' LISTEN  
fl, ob, Bb cl, hn, bsn 

I. Midwinter Spring
 II. Opening Buds
III. Spring Midwinter

1st perf, Mvt I: Patterson Wind Quintet (Kate Hill, fl, Nicholas Daniel, ob, Joy Farrell, cl, Peter Ash, hn, Peter Williams, bsn, St John’s Downshire Hill, Hampstead, London, 30 June 1984; 1st complete perf: The Aurora Ensemble, Pontardawe Arts Centre, Swansea, 1 November 2002. 
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y196 

REDLANDS SUITE (1967 rev. Oct. 2016) 8'   LISTEN
oboe, clarinet and bassoon 

I. Distances                         II. Stony Ground
III. On Green Lawns.         IV. Irregular Paths

1st perf, original version: undergraduate students, University of Reading Music Department, June 1967
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd, 2017. 1st perf., rev. version:  Tailleferre Ensemble,  online.  

flute and guitar
Commissioned by Fabricio Mattos
1st perf: Lucas Jordan, flute, Fabricio Mattos, guitar, Norma Music Festival, Chiesa del Seminario, Hotel Villa del Cardinale, Norma, Italy, 10 August, 2014;  1st UK perf: Lucas Jordan flute, Fabricio Mattos, guitar, Holywell Music Room, Oxford, 10 May, 2015. 
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd, 2018

SALVE NOS (2020)  c. 4'30" 
solo oboe d'amore (original version for viola)
1st perf:  Nicola Hands, oboe d'amore, online, 21 April, 2021 LISTEN  (at 14'50")
Copies available from the composer.

SHADOW DANCE (1984, rev. 1985) 7' LISTEN 
flute, oboe and piano  
1st perf (orig. version): Joanne Pitman (fl), Christle Judd (ob), Richard Shaw (pf), King’s College, London, February 1984. 1st perf (rev. version): Members of Capricorn: Philippa Davies (fl), Christopher O’Neal (ob), Julian Jacobson (pf), St John’s Smith Square, London,May 1985;  1st broadcast perf: same performers, January 1986 (BBC Radio 3).
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref AC150
(On CD, British Music for Flute, Oboe and Piano, Dutton CDLX7181)

SHADOW DANCE (1984, rev. 1985) 7' 
flute, clarinet in Bb and piano
Version created in 2018. 
Shortly available from Stainer & Bell 

SHAPING THE AIR (2000) 11' 
oboe and piano

        I  Fretting  LISTEN-- II  Silver Ropes -- III  Windmills
1st perf: Katherine MacKintosh (ob), Simon Lepper (pf), Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, 22 November 2000. 
Pub. S&B Copies available for purchase, ref Y18

SHAPING THE AIR (2000, 2002) 11' 
Version for soprano/alto saxophone and piano

I. Fretting
 II. Silver Ropes
III. Windmills

1st perf: Sarah James (sax), Paul Turner (pf), British Clarinet and Saxophone Society Congress, Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff, 25 October 2002 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y195

SONGLINES (2002) 12' 
alto saxophone and piano 

I. Violets are Blue LISTEN 
II. Fourteen Angels
III. The Tree on the Hill

1st perf: Sarah James (sax), Grace Huang (pf), Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, 12 March 2003. 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y199 

In three movements, the piece travels through many interesting climates often in very tight, angular environments needing much rhythmical security. The composer, obviously well acquainted with the instrument, stretched its and the performer’s capabilities. 
                                              A. Wilson, Clarinet & Saxophone, Summer 2003

STEPPING OUT I (1996) 9' 
clarinet and piano 
1st perf: Katherine Spencer (cl), Sam Haywood (pf), Britten Theatre, Royal College of Music, London, 15 August 1997. 
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y144  

[Stepping Out], a virtuosic, witty, clarinet-piano duo was given a captivating performance. . .
                                              Deborah Hayes, IAWM Journal, Winter 1998

solo oboe

                      1. Dance    LISTEN   /   LISTEN
                      2. Plaint      LISTEN  / 
                      3. Dance/Plaint   LISTEN   /  LISTEN

1st perf: Cynthia Green, Rocky Mountain College, Billings, Montana, USA, 23 February 1991; 1st British perf: Ruth Bolister, Presteigne Festival, 30 August 1996.
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y146

clarinet, viola and piano 
Commissioned by The York Trio 
1st perf: Chroma, Cardigan Music Club, Cardigan, Ceredigion, Wales, 6 September 2001. 
Pub. S&B. Score and parts available for purchase, ref Y179 

WHEREVER I GO (1995) 5' 
solo flute 
1st perf: Anna Maria Morini, Castello Caetani, Sermoneta, Italy (Pontino Festival), 9 June 1995; 1st British perf: Lisa-Maree Amos, BMIC, London, 6 June, 1996.
Pub. S&B. Copies available for purchase, ref Y147

WIND TRIO (2022) 10'
flute, clarinet in Bb, horn/cor anglais 
1st perf: members of South Florida Chamber Ensemble (Marie Schwartz, fl, Christine Pascual-Fernandez, cl, Myra Meeroff, hn), Deerfield Beach Cultural Center, Deerfield Beach, FLA, 21 August, 2022. 
Pub. Tŷ Cerdd (forthcoming)