ROBERT WYKES, 1926-2021

Bob with Roz

I was so sad to learn of the death of my dear teacher, ROBERT WYKES, at home in University City, St Louis, Missouri, on 29 June, 2021, aged 95. I studied with Bob for a Master's degree in Composition at Washington University, St Louis, 1967-69, and thereafter he was one of the supervisors for my doctoral dissertation. He remained a close friend and confidante for the rest of his life.  His whole family – Roz, his lovely wife, Sara, Rachel and Evan, his children – were all so welcoming to this na├»ve Welsh girl who arrived in the mid-West knowing nothing of its culture.  He was the epitome of a good composition teacher: one who let you get on with it, giving as much encouragement as advice, and offering huge enthusiasm to spur you forward. He also shared with you his knowledge of the profession, one in which he excelled in many ways, from orchestral to film composition. A modest and gentle man. Thank you, Bob.