List of publishers:

S&B:  Stainer & Bell

TC: Tŷ Cerdd (hard copies) and (digital) 

Nov: Novello

And:  Andresier

Cad: Cadenza


Cur: Curiad­

Comp:  Composer (contact via this website)

MulofVoy: Multitude of Voyces Anthology, distr. Stainer & Bell

Brass Express (S&B) 
Dawnsiau’r Nant/Dances of the Stream (S&B) 
Elegy-Symphony (S&B) 
Lights in the City (S&B) 
On this Precious Earth (TC)
Path through the Woods, The (S&B) 
Scenes from an Aria (S&B)
Summer Path/Llwybr Hâf (S&B) 
Taliesin (TC) 
Tirluniau/Landscapes (S&B) 
Trumpet Concerto (Ch.Orch/Full Orch)(Comp) 

Before Dawn (S&B) 
Belle Dame sans Merci, La (S&B) 
Clytemnestra (S&B) 
Daughters' Letters (S&B) 
Intimations of Immortality (S&B) 
Path (S&B)
Song for the Divine Miss C (S&B) 
White Amaryllis, The (S&B) 

Alarch, Yr (The Swan) (Bar) (S&B) 
Alarch, Yr (The Swan) (S) (S&B) 
Before Dawn (S/M-S) (S&B) 
Cerddi Hynafol (M-S) (S&B) 
Cwmdonkin Songs (med. voice) (TC)
Cwmdonkin Songs (high voice) (TC, forthcoming)
Flowing Sand, The (Bar) (S&B) 
Gaze, The (S) (TC) 
Hare in the Moon, The (S) (S&B) 
In the Hall of Mirrors (S/M-S) (Comp) 
Moon and Birds (med. vce) (S&B) 
Moon and I, The (med. vce) TC) 
Moon over Maenefa (med.vce) (TC) 
Nantcol Songs (med/ high vce) (S&B) 
Songs of Earth and Air (med. vce) (S&B) 
Spring Diary (Bar) (S&B) 
Summer Songs (med./high vce)(S&B) 
Swift Radiant Morning, A (Bar) (S&B) 
White Amaryllis, The (S/M-S) (S&B) 
Wildflower Songbook (M-S) (TC) 

Ad Lucem (org) (TC)
Chorale Prelude: Valet … (org) (TC) 
Copper RIbbons (hpschd) (S&B) 
Dream-Images (pf) (S&B) 
Fel Blodeuyn (Like a Flower) (org) (S&B) 
Fragile Landscapes (pf) (TC) 
Garland for Anne, A (pf) (S&B) 
Gaslight Square I (pf) Cad) 
Gaslight Square II (pf duet) (S&B) 
Isolation Suite (pf) (TC) 
Mechanical & Fantastical Studies (pf) (S&B) 
Mosaics (pf) (Comp) 
Off to Narita (pf) (S&B) 
Rejoice (org) (S&B) 
Serenade Duo (2 pf) (S&B) 
Silver Threads (hpschd) (S&B) 
Songscapes (S&B, forthcoming)
Tender Branch, The (org) (S&B) 
Time of the Singing of Birds, The (pf) (S&B) 
Ymddiddan/Dialogue (2 pf) (S&B) 

Colours (S/T, tpt, org) (S&B) 
Hare in the Moon, The (S, vib, mar, d.bass) (S&B) 
Haze & the Absence of Clouds (S, str. 4tet, pf) (S&B) 
His Gaze upon Ophelia (S, va, pf) (Comp) 
Moon and Birds (M-S, ch.ens) (S&B) 
My Heart Beside (S/T, va, pf) (TC) 
Orpheus (S/M-S, lute, viol/cello) (TC) 
River, A (S&B) (S, baroque/modern ob, viol/cello, hpschd) (S&B) 
Rondeau (Comp) (Bar, ch.ens) (Comp) 
Swans, Snails and Geese, Of (M-S, 3 guit) (S&B) 
Three Songs with Guitar (med.vce, guit) (And.) 
Three Yeats Songs (med.vce, fl) (TC) 
Trinity (S, fl, pf) (S&B) 
Trois Chansons de François Villon (vce, fl) (S&B) 
Witch’s Manuscript, The (S, brass 5tet) (S&B) 

. . . et lamentable joye (cl.) (S&B) 
Ariel (fl, pf) (S&B) 
Bitter-Sweet (vn, pf) (TC) 
Blythswood (va, pf) (S&B) 
Brass Tacks (brass 5tet) (S&B) 
Dance in the Light (2 fls) (S&B) 
Dance of the Curlews (2 hps) (S&B) 
Dovey Junction(brass 5tet) (S&B) 
Emerging (lightly) (ch. ens.) (S&B) 
Fantasy Quintet (fl 5tet) (S&B) 
Far across the sea/Ymhell dros y môr (hp) (S&B) 
Five Miniatures (str 4tet, pf) (S&B) 
Fritillaries (cl/va, hp )TC) 
In Situ (ten. sax, pf) (TC) 
Last Dance, The (str. 4tet) S&B) 
Little Duos for 2 cls (S&B) 
Little Duos for 2 bsns (TC) 
Little Duos for ob & CA (TC) 
Little Serenade for Skaila (hp) (S&B) 
Little Suite for Piano and Winds (Comp) 
Locomotion (cl 4tet) (S&B) 
Mist on the Hills (acc, st 4tet) (S&B) 
Moving Images (vn, pf) (TC) 
Naming the Flowers (guit) (S&B) 
On this Precious Earth (10 insts) (TC) 
One Charming Night (vn, pf ) (S&B) 
Pererin (fl, cl) (S&B) 
Phantasy Trio (vn, vc, pf) (S&B) 
Preludes & Dances (st.4tet) (S&B) 
Primavera (wind 5tet) (S&B) 
Quartet: Light and Water (str. 4tet)(S&B) 
Redlands Suite (ob, cl, bsn) (TC) 
Ribbons & Streamers I (fl, guit) (TC) 
Ribbons & Streamers I (vc, guit) (Comp) 
Ribbons & Streamers II (fl, va, hp) (TC) 
Roca Blanca, La (hp) (Cur.) 
Rondo Pizzicato (str. 4tet) (Simrock) 
Salve Nos (va) (TC) 
Shadow Dance (fl, ob, pf) (S&B) 
Shadow Dance (fl, cl, pf) (S&B) 
Shaping the Air (ob, pf) (S&B) 
Shaping the Air (sax, pf) (S&B) 
Shards of Light (vn) (S&B) 
Sonata for Violin and Piano (TC) 
Songlines (alto sax, pf) (S&B) 
Stepping Out (cl, pf) (S&B) 
Threaded Light (str 4tet) (S&B) 
Three Pieces for Trumpet and Organ (S&B) 
Through Windows & the Balustrades Beyond (fl, va, hp) (S&B) 
Time out of Time (cello & pf) (S&B) 
Time out of Time (va & pf) (S&B) 
Tin Soldier (vc, pf) (AB) 
Traquair Music (ob.) (S&B) 
Trio: Stepping Out II (cl, va, pf) (S&B) 
Variations (tromb. 4tet) (S&B) 
Wherever I Go (fl) (S&B) 
Wind Trio (ob, cl, hn/C.A. (TC forthcoming) 

Alarch, Yr [for SATB] (TC) 
Ave Maria (TC) 
Ave Regina Coelorum (Nov) 
Changes (+ vibr) (S&B) 
Clear Midnight, A (+ org.) (TC) 
Dear Night (rev.) (S&B) 
Earth Newborn (S&B)
Gossamer Thread (+ org.) (TC) 
Jacobean Lyrics (S&B) 
Jolly Wat the Shepherd (S&B) 
Listening Eye, The (TC) 
Love bade me welcome (S&B) 
Lovesongs & Observations (S&B) 
Opposites (S&B) Pan ddaw ust . . /When the calm . . (+ org.) (S&B) 
Rhyfedd/Wonder (+ org.) (S&B/MulofVoy) 
Shape of Trees, The (S&B) 
Tair Alaw / Three Songs (+ pf) (TC) 
Tair Cân Werin/Three Welsh Folksongs (SSA + pf) (TC) 
Two Elizabethan Songs (Comp) 
Two English Carols (Comp) What Cheer? (+ org.) (S&B)